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Getting Ready to Give Up 

A little preparation now can make a big difference when the time comes to give up smoking. 

Understand your reasons why

You might be doing it for family and friends. But the chances are you’re doing it for yourself, because you know it’s time to move on and leave your smoking days behind. Ultimately you need the reasons clear in your head for the maximum chance of success. So write them down now and put them where you’ll see them every day.

Then write down what you think will be your biggest obstacles to quitting – stress at work perhaps, or social situations. It’s challenges like these that we build into your own individually tailored plan if you use the Click2Quit Plan.

Preparing the best way to quit

Think about all the situations that usually lead you to smoke. Maybe it’s when you have coffee, after a meal, or when you’re in the pub. If you know where you’ll be when you crave a cigarette, you can keep healthy snacks or sugar-free chewing gum on hand to keep the cravings at bay. For the first few days after you give up, it’s a good idea to avoid tempting situations altogether.

For more helpful tips tailored to your personal needs, choose the Click2Quit Plan.

Decide on a date

Pick your day to give up. Make it an ordinary one when you don’t have anything unusual happening. Sometime soon but with time to make preparations – like making sure you’ve got plenty of your chosen NiQuitin product to see you through – patches, lozenges or gum.

Say goodbye to the past

Get rid of all your cigarettes, ashtrays, matches and lighters. Everything that will remind you of your old life as a smoker. Then give your home a really good clean to get rid of the smell of smoke.

Tell your family and friends

That way, they’ll be able to give you extra support. Having someone you can turn to when things get tough can help keep you motivated.

Then think further ahead

Visualise yourself not smoking in everyday situations where you normally would, running through how you’ll cope with the temptation.

*compared to willpower alone.