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Managing the Cravings 

Try one of these next time you want a cigarette.

Distract yourself

Read the paper, visit a website you enjoy, listen to a favourite song. Anything to get your mind off cigarettes until the craving runs its course.

Water and more water

Dehydration makes nicotine withdrawal symptoms even worse, so keep drinking. Water also fills you up and fights off any hunger pangs.

Give your mouth something to do

Snack on carrot, celery sticks or any other healthy, crunchy snack. And try sugar-free boiled sweets or gum to keep your mouth busy.

Talk to a friend

Call on anyone supportive – especially if they’ve quit smoking themselves. Plan an activity or just chat until the craving goes away.

Wait it out

Your craving will pass, even though it may feel like it’s taking an eternity. Focus on something else that satisfies you and take a walk or a few deep breaths until the craving subsides.


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