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Tricky Situations  

Cigarettes were a big part of your daily life. Now that you’ve given up, you’ll find yourself in situations that may make you want to smoke again. So read on and learn how to deal with tempting situations – and stay on track to become an ex-smoker.

First cigarette of the day

You might be used to having a cigarette first thing in the morning to kick-start your day. So try changing your morning routine with some stretching exercises or a little extra time to read the paper. And if a cigarette was a substitute for breakfast, start eating a proper one, with fruit, cereal or wholegrain toast. It’ll give your mouth and hands something to do, and you’ll have more energy!

After a meal

At first, not smoking after a meal feels like missing out on pudding. So the best thing to do once you’ve finished eating is get up from the table. Go and do the dishes, put the coffee on or go for a walk.

Office cigarette break

If things get tricky when your colleagues go for a cigarette, go for a stroll or spend your break with the non smokers instead. And if you do find yourself wanting a cigarette at work, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and remind yourself of all your reasons for quitting.

Or if you’re using NiQuitin Lozenges or Gum, take one as soon as you feel a craving coming on.

In the pub

Going to the pub is a tricky situation – but not for much longer. Because from July 1st, Smoke-Free Legislation comes in and nobody will be allowed to smoke in pubs, clubs and restaurants. Perhaps you should try to avoid it until then or if you’re using Niquitin Lozenges or Gum take some with you, as you’ll find it very difficult to stay strong during the initial stages of giving up.

Remember, there are plenty of activities that don’t involve smoking, so why not go and see a film, or go out for dinner instead?

At a party

You can still be the life and soul without smoking.

However, like the pub, it might be better to avoid parties for the first few days of quitting. Drinking can weaken your resolve and you’re more likely to be surrounded by smokers.

If you’re a close friend of the host and feel you have to go, maybe you could just put in an appearance – they should be understanding if you explain why you’re not staying long. Otherwise, perhaps go with non-smoking friends. Also try varying what you drink – anything to break the old routine.

Later on when you go to a party, don’t follow your friends outside when they go for a cigarette. And if everyone is smoking indoors, try to stand in a spot where there’s fresh air.


Now that you’re not smoking, use the extra time to do things you enjoy. Listen to music, catch up on the news or phone a friend to chat – anything that keeps you from smoking. And keep something with you to ‘fiddle’ with, to keep your hands busy.