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Ways to Quit 

Once you’ve decided to quit, you’ve got various options to give your willpower a helping hand. The one we recommend combines the therapeutic nicotine contained in NiQuitin products with a personalised Click2Quit Plan.

If you think you can stop smoking straight away then you should as it’s best for your health. But if you feel this is too big a step, then you could cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke before stopping completely. NiQuitin Lozenges and Gum can help you do this too. And, once you’re ready to stop completely don’t forget to set up your Click2Quit Plan.

NiQuitin Products

You provide the willpower – NiQuitin can help with the cravings. The therapeutic nicotine in our patches, lozenges and gum help control the physical symptoms so you can concentrate on tackling the other aspects of quitting smoking. Click here for more information on NiQuitin products.

Click2Quit Plan

Click2Quit is a support plan that’s individually tailored to you and your lifestyle. It’s designed to help you overcome your emotional, habitual and physical attachment to cigarettes, and to keep you motivated all the way to your ultimate goal of life without smoking. It gives you tips and support via email, and, if you choose, by text.For the full story on the Click2Quit Plan, click here