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The Click2Quit Plan was developed by HealthMedia, Inc., a leading-edge lifestyle management and disease prevention company. HealthMedia is dedicated to the improvement of human life though the use of behavioural science and expert systems technology. HealthMedia offers a comprehensive suite of deeply tailored, self-managed health behaviour change programmes for distribution in print, via the Web and other media. Every product is powered by HealthMedia’s proprietary Expert Tailored Counseling (ETC) technology platform. ETC creates low-cost, highly effective, wide-reaching programmes that are easy to use and effectively tailored to the specific needs of each participant. Participants benefit from the convenience, privacy and flexibility of self-managed programmes that improve their health behaviour, well-being and performance.

Based on years of university research and using software and communications programmes designed specifically to tailor results to an individual, HealthMedia has effectively redefined the way in which people can get the help they need to improve their health. HealthMedia, Inc., was founded by Dr. Victor Strecher, a leading expert in health behaviour and health education at the University of Michigan. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, the company began business in July 1998. In addition to a seasoned management team, the staff includes a development team of behavioural scientists and medical experts, software engineers and new media designers. A prestigious Scientific Advisory Board is made up of experts in behaviour change, public health, disease management, medical informatics, multimedia and related areas.

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