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Questions About the Click2quit Plan 

What is the Click2Quit Plan designed to do? 

The Click2Quit Plan is a comprehensive programme designed, in combination with NiQuitin, to help you give up smoking.

The Plan uses established techniques to help you break your smoking habits and change your behaviour patterns. At the same time, NiQuitin helps you through the process of quitting by helping to reduce your physical dependence on nicotine. In fact, NiQuitin can double your chances of quitting* and the Click2Quit Plan increases your chances even further. Combined, they can make it easier for you to become a non-smoker.

Giving up smoking is not easy, but your pharmacist, your doctor, the people close to you, the Click2Quit Plan and NiQuitin can help you succeed.

You can have an online plan with optional text messages. Or, if you don’t have easy access to the internet, a simplified text-only Plan or printed Plan is available.

How much does it cost?

GlaxoSmithKline offers the Click2Quit Plan free of charge.

Does the Plan offer me medical advice?

The contents of the Click2Quit Plan do not constitute medical advice. The instructions enclosed in the NiQuitin product pack should be read before use and if you have any further questions you can ask a healthcare professional.

How is it personalised to me?

When you sign up for a Click2Quit Plan, you answer a questionnaire which allows us to identify key smoking behaviours and triggers. After you’ve completed the questionnaire and submitted it for processing, our system can then draw up your Click2Quit Plan with useful tips and support for you.

When you answer the questionnaire remember, the more information we have, the more use your Plan will be. All the information we receive from you is treated in strict confidence, so please answer the questions completely and as honestly as possible.

How long does it take for my Plan to be ready?

Our ‘tailoring engine’ goes to work as soon as you submit your completed questionnaire, whether you do it online, or by phone for the text-only Plan.

If you register online, your Plan will be available immediately on the website. You will also receive an e-mail message with a link back to your Plan. Just click on the web address in the message to access the Click2Quit website. To access your Plan, enter your user name and password to log in.

If you register by phone for a text-only Plan, you don’t receive a physical Plan as such, but you get your first message three days before your Quit Date and further messages with useful tips and support throughout your quit attempt. However, if you really want to receive a printed Plan through the post, call 0800 092 9392. You will be asked to fill in a more detailed questionnaire over the phone.

Can any smoker have a Plan?

The Click2Quit Plan is only designed for people who smoke cigarettes. If you smoke other forms of tobacco you should speak to a healthcare professional about the best way for you to quit.

We also have to inform you that certain restrictions apply to the use of NiQuitin for those who have serious liver or kidney disease, an uncontrolled, overactive thyroid gland or phaeochromocytoma, stomach ulcers or other stomach or throat problems and also women who are pregnant or breast feeding. If you fall into any of these categories, it is important that you seek advice from a healthcare professional and carefully read the information leaflet contained in the product pack before using any NiQuitin product.

If you feel you may need to use any NiQuitin product for more than 9 months (3 months for 12-17 year olds), seek advice from a healthcare professional.

What if my Plan isn’t what I expected?

The Plan, support e-mails and/or text messages match the smoking profile generated from the answers you gave in the questionnaire. Keep an open mind about the information, it may be more applicable than you think. Of course, the contents of the Click2Quit materials can only be as good as the answers given in the questionnaire but if the information you receive from us seems to be incorrect, is it possible a wrong answer was inadvertently selected somewhere?

If you have an online Plan with major discrepancies, you can restart by signing up for a new one. This will give you the opportunity to complete the questionnaire again and receive a new Click2Quit Plan. If you have any questions, please contact us so that we can make the necessary corrections or improvements.

If you have a text-only Plan and you feel the messages you receive are not as relevant as they should be, you can opt out of your current Plan and re-register. To opt out, you can text STOP to 83040.

What if I slip up and smoke?

There is a difference between having a couple of cigarettes and returning to your old smoking habits. Either way, the Click2Quit Plan will support you.

You can report that you’ve slipped up through your support e-mails or when you are logged into your Click2Quit Plan, or if you’ve a text-only Plan, by replying to one of the staying on track text messages. Then we will help you determine whether you’ve slipped up or relapsed.

If you’ve just had a cigarette or two but are still focused on stopping, we’ll help you learn from your slip and provide you with techniques to get back on track. On the other hand, if you’ve given up quitting, we’ll help you learn what was working for you and what you may want to focus on next time. By learning from your experience, you’ll have an advantage the next time you are ready to set a quit date. When you’re ready to set a new quit date, please come back! You will need to re-register on the Click2Quit Plan so we can develop a new Plan for you.

*compared to willpower alone.

A healthcare professional is a doctor, nurse, smoking cessation advisor or a pharmacist.