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Questions About Click2quit 2.0 Text Messages 

What do I get with a text-only Click2Quit 2.0 Plan? 

• Text messaging for 10 weeks to provide you with frequent support wherever you are.
• Relapse support (if required).
• Our emergency Help function (see below).

You can also choose to receive this alongside your online Click2Quit 2.0 Plan.

What is the procedure with the telephone questionnaire for a text-only Plan?

Once you have texted that you wish to join a text-only Click2Quit 2.0 Plan (by texting GIVE UP to 83040), we will text you a number to call. When you call, we will take you through a simple, automated questionnaire. This enables us to tailor the text messages we send you according to your smoking habits. Once you have completed the telephone questionnaire, you will receive a welcome confirmation text and then, three days before your Quit Date, your first text message.

Please note: you will only need to complete the telephone questionnaire if you are signing up to the text-only Plan.

How long does a telephone questionnaire take and how much will it cost?

It takes approximately 5 minutes. The call will be charged at your local rate.

What happens if I get cut off or lose reception whilst completing the questionnaire?

We are very sorry, but you will need to text us and start the process again.

Does it cost me anything to receive Click2Quit text 2.0 messages?

Whether you have opted for text messages to complement your online Plan or you have registered for a text-only Plan, all the messages you receive in the Plan are free of charge – this is not a premium service. Of course, you will have to text us to tell us that you wish to register, and then phone us in order to complete the questionnaire. We may also prompt you to reply to a couple of messages to find out how you are doing. These will be charged at your local call/normal message rate – typically around 10p per message. It is up to you to reply to these prompt messages or not.

What time of day do I receive my text messages?

When you register for text messages, you will choose if you wish to receive your messages in the morning at around 9am or in the afternoon at about 3pm.

Can I change the time of day I get my messages?

Unfortunately, once you are registered you are not able to change the time of day you receive messages.

What is the Help text service?

If you are out and about and feeling in need of some immediate support and encouragement, text HELP to 83040 to receive extra advice and tips to keep you on track. You will be charged your normal text rate by your mobile network to text in. You will not be charged anything to receive the Help message.

I haven’t received a message today – is there a problem?

The frequency of messages will vary as the plan progresses – it could be that there just isn’t a message scheduled for today.

If your phone is switched off or in an area where you have no network signal, the messages will be delayed. The SMS network will make several attempts to send the message, but if your phone remains outside network coverage for a long time there is a risk that the network gives up and the message won’t be delivered.

If your phone’s memory is filled by old messages, new messages cannot be delivered until you delete some of the old ones.

If I go abroad will I still receive the support messages?

Yes, you will receive your messages as usual.

If I change my mobile phone number will I still get the support messages?

No – the Plan is specific to your phone number so if you change the number you have to register with the Plan again. Text GIVE UP to 83040 from your new number to register again.

What if I lose my mobile phone?

If you lose your phone and your sim card, the plan will still be active. If you get a new sim card with the same mobile number, the plan will continue as normal. If you get a new phone number, you won’t receive any more messages unless you sign up again, as the plan is specific to your phone number.

How do I stop getting Click2Quit 2.0 text messages?

Reply to any of the messages with STOP to leave the text plan.

I have both the online and text Plan. I want to stop receiving the text messages but not the emails – how do I do it?

Just reply STOP to any support message texts. This will only stop the text messages but not the emails.

I have the online Click2Quit 2.0 Plan and want to sign up to the text-messages too. How do I do it?

Text GIVE UP to 83040. The text messages will start on the date you specify, but unless you register for it at the same time as your online Plan, the two will not link together.