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No Internet? No Problem. 

You can still have your own Click2Quit 2.0 Plan even if you don’t have regular access to email, because we can use text messages to support you with a simplified version of our Plan on your mobile.

The Plan will be tailored to you and your lifestyle in a similar way to the full, internet-based Plan, and you’ll still use NiQuitin products to help keep those nicotine cravings under control. Regular text messages will motivate and encourage you with tips, information and activities while you break the habit.

If you’re out and about and need a bit of extra support, you can text HELP to 83040, and we’ll send you extra help and tips to keep you on track.

You can also request a paper-based Click2Quit 2.0 Plan to use alongside your text messages. Just call freephone 0800 092 9392 (9am – 5pm). 

Sign up now!

You’ve nothing to lose – except an unhealthy, smelly, expensive habit. Just text GIVE UP to 83040 now and we’ll text you with a number to call. When you call, we’ll ask the date you’re going to quit and a few questions to help us make sure your plan is tailored to you.