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England goes smoke-free on Sunday 1st July 2007, following in the footsteps of Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The new law will protect employees and people in public places from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke which is known to increase the risk of serious illnesses. It’s estimated that the law will save thousands of lives in the next decade – as well as creating a cleaner, healthier environment for everyone.

Which premises will now be smoke-free?

The law affects all ‘enclosed’ or ‘substantially enclosed’ public places and workplaces, both permanent and temporary.

That means:

  • Pubs, clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants
  • Workplaces such as offices, factories and shops
  • All public transport and any company vehicles used by more than one person

Indoor smoking areas at any of these places will no longer be allowed. The only option for smokers will be to go outside to smoke.

There will be very few exemptions from the law and it will apply to all forms of smoking – not just cigarettes. So all in all, there’s never been a better time to quit.

Help and more information

If you have any questions about the new law, visit for more information.

If you’re a manager concerned about the implications for your workplace, contact your local council for guidance and support in putting the new law into practice. Or if you’d like to help your colleagues to quit the habit, see Workplace Quitting.