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Niquitin Patches 

Whether you’re a heavy or light smoker, NiQuitin Patches can help you quit for good. They work by providing a continuous dose of nicotine around the clock, to protect you from the cravings whenever they strike.

For many of us, those first thing in the morning cravings can be the worst. This is because the level of nicotine in our body has dropped to a very low level. But NiQuitin Patches provide a continuous stream of nicotine and so offer you around the clock protection even against those tough morning cravings

Choose from the original pink or clear NiQuitin Patch. They both come in three different strengths (or Steps), which means they deliver different levels of therapeutic nicotine to your body. This lets you wean yourself off it gradually while helping to keep the cravings and withdrawal symptoms under control.

You can apply a NiQuitin Patch discreetly to any part of your upper body. It supplies the same amount of nicotine whether you put it on your arm, back or chest, and getting started is easy:

  • Start with the Step 1 NiQuitin Patch if you smoke ten or more cigarettes a day.
  • Alternatively, begin with the lower strength Step 2 NiQuitin Patch if you smoke less than 10.
  • After 6 weeks, when the cravings should have lessened step down to a lower strength patch.
  • Following the step-down programme in this way will let you gradually wean yourself off nicotine so you can quit for good.


*compared to a non-tailored plan.